DevOps Engineer

About customer:

Quartz Network’s main goal is to connect companies with each other within the framework of a matching platform and provide services for conducting online educational events on its own eLearning platform.

Among their partners are well-known giants like Amazon, Google, IBM, Fashion Nova and many others. QN is a great chance to work with global corporations and be that seventh handshake, connecting those who need services with those who provide these very services.

A huge plus of the project is a good, competent customer.

We have found out from our own experience that working with American customers is incredibly simple and comfortable – thanks to the coinciding values ​​(honesty, openness, initiative), it is easy to find contact with them, there is no need to adapt to complex bureaucratic schemes, feedback and edits are as clear and adequate as possible. In addition, QN is always helpful and ready to listen to suggestions for improving the workflow and/or technologies used.

The work flow on the project has already been established and consists of agile development in short iterations of a week, which allows you to reduce the amount of written documentation and calls, concentrating on the main metric – the final product. In fact, this means no daily calls, no video recording of the screen, and no monitoring of your work 24/7. Freedom of action and self-organization of the work process within iterations is 100% in your hands.

About project:

Quartz Network operates in three main areas, united by a single backend: Events (conducting educational events for business representatives), Education (access to event recordings, presentations and courses from specialists) and Solutions (matching platform for companies).

In addition to this, there is a mobile application (in React Native) that simplifies access to the platform.

Quartz Network gives you the opportunity to become part of a team along with top specialists and have a hand in a high-quality and in-demand project that is revolutionizing the way businesses work.

Benefits of working at QN:

super high-quality and thoughtful project, which is at the peak of its development

opportunity to work in a high-level team and perform interesting tasks

a customer with good work ethics, familiar and understandable values, no excessive demands and adequate feedback

streamlined and effective work flow according to the Agile methodology

the ability to independently organize the dynamics of the work process within iterations

no bureaucracy or complicated reporting

initiative is encouraged, and your opinion will always be heard.

Quartz network


  • 4+ years DevOps experience
  • Good understanding and experiance with Docker/Kubernetes
  • Experience with cloud platforms, such as AWS EKS
  • Experience working with GitLab CI/CD
  • Programming experience in PHP, NodeJS or other scripting languages
  • Upper-Intermediate level of English
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