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About project:

At OmniMind, we’re not just transforming businesses; we’re igniting a revolution in their capabilities. Picture yourself at the forefront of innovation, steering the wheel with OmniMind—our extraordinary AI-driven platform designed to empower companies like never before.

As the Marketing Manager, you’ll be the creative force that shows the magic behind OmniMind’s groundbreaking features and benefits. You’ll work closely with the product and sales teams, as well as other stakeholders, to create marketing strategies that resonate. Collaboration is our heartbeat, and we’re looking for someone to match it!


Here’s what we expect you to do as you take over the position:

  • Customer Support and Development:
    • Write engaging responses to potential clients’ inquiries about product functionality.
    • Navigate through customer emails, occasionally teaming up with our technical specialists for clearer info.
    • Take center stage in demo sessions for our newest customers.
    • Connect with existing clients, understanding their needs, helping to overcome challenges, and collecting valuable product feedback.
    • Host hard-to-forget workshops and presentations for special cases (where budgets jump beyond $1000).
  • Product:
    • Work closely with product development and design teams, contributing your notes to UI/UX and feature development for the wow effect, meeting clients’ expectations.
    • Be the bridge between customers and our product team, translating feedback into priorities.
    • Keep an eye on competitors’ products, websites, and marketing channels on a monthly basis.
  • Online Promotion:
    • Write charming narratives on OmniMind’s social media profiles, ensuring they’re always in tune with the latest, thus creating the company’s unique style.
    • Join thematic groups on Facebook, sparking lively discussions and responding with insights.
    • Showcase OmniMind on directory websites like ProductHunt and Capterra.
  • Media Content:
    • Manage tasks and content to create special landing pages, like “OmniMind for HR” and more, feeling the needs of the people reading the page.
    • Direct blockbuster short videos for YouTube, revealing the secrets of mastering OmniMind in “How to do X with OmniMind” series and OmniMind Academy.
    • Create articles that turn heads, determining topics that leave our audience hungry for more.

Would be a Plus:

  • Confidence in a sales position usually requires, showcasing your ability to charm both potential and existing clients.
  • A proven track record in client communication, relationship building, and understanding customers’ deepest needs.
  • A secret handshake with product management.
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  • Minimum of 3 years of experience as an IT Marketing Manager.
  • Fluent C1 English and excellent communication skills.
  • Experience in conducting thorough competitor analysis to identify market trends and opportunities.
  • Experience in defining and refining target audience personas to tailor marketing strategies effectively.
  • Experience in developing and executing lead-generation strategies to attract potential clients.
  • Experience in implementing marketing campaigns to acquire new customers and expand the client base.
  • Experience in planning and executing marketing campaigns to promote across various channels.
  • Knowledge and experience in utilizing digital marketing tools and platforms to maximize the reach and impact of promotional activities.
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I believe the company values are the foundation of the culture. Having ProCoders values makes it easier for me to the clearly stated principles about an organization's vision, mission, and communicate principles to clients and colleagues.
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