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We speak openly
Have you already earned your “stripes” with more than one project under your belt and you’d say you’re Middle or Senior level?
Is this not your first year in IT and you have Conversational Intermediate English?
Do you really like writing code, are algorithms are your natural way of thinking, and is a challenge is just a way to show your skills?
Do you like working with new technologies and being among colleagues who are open, positive professionals?
Our team is open, conscious and responsible which makes working together productive and easy.
Do you feel like you're ready to get onboard? Then join us!

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Everything is mutual

For our part, we offer:

Remote coding
Openness without bureaucracy
Developer in the office
Stable and interesting projects
Developer on daily meeting
A Pro team ready to share experiences and help

We have principles:

We are selective about our customers, ensuring adequacy of projects and good communication
We welcome and encourage the continuous development and growth of employees
Our employees work for ProCoders not for a project, so we continue to cooperate and offer new projects if the current one ends
We try to make things simple: no unnecessary paperwork, multiple time trackers, micromanagement, hierarchies, and managers.
We focus on setting your skills to a task and pay you well for doing it. We also make sure there are opportunities for continuous professional development and timely earnings growth.

For people

We value personal and professional qualities, in addition to your skills; we respect all your qualities and individuality.
At ProCoders people are the most valuable thing.

We do not accept toxic behavior, regardless of experience and talent, because ProCoders unites positive-minded people who love their work.

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We prioritize results and professionalism
We don't require time-tracking software, just ensure you complete your daily tasks, don't be late on important meetings and notify your team when you’ll be away from work. We notice your professionalism: we see your awareness, ability to make decisions, take responsibility, feedback from colleagues, and the quality of work. We appreciate our pros who develop their talent and master new technologies.
We appreciate openness
We try to be direct, discuss problems openly, and solve them quickly. Our CEO is a developer himself, he understands the difficulties that can happen in projects and coding. We want our people to be comfortable, and if a developer is uncomfortable in the project, we try to find something more suitable. If you are interested in trying something new, the sales team will help you choose a project. If the working conditions are not suitable, we will look to make you more comfortable. If you feel tired, we'll figure out the reasons and work with you. We are glad to receive feedback in all its forms: be it an interview, communication with the customer, review of the workplace.

We are a dynamic international software development company

with a team of over 100 talented professionals and we are growing daily. Our main office is located in Portugal, but our team members are located all over Europe.

ProCoders office in Portugal

not just any customer

We appreciate smart partners and useful projects. We take
on clients with technical expertise. We avoid projects using old technology stacks.


with projects for optimization, logistics, supplies, technology startups in the fields of logistics, transport, travel, medicine, education, music, finance, marketing, economics, and media.
George with clients
We pay attention to the prospects for each project and the client’s ability to launch. We work according to the dedicated team model: management by the customer or with their active participation, regular meetings and asynchronous communication.

Already done

Bourbon under control
Whiskey production control system.
Aesthete drinkers can monitor the production of elite bourbon in real time. With the help of the service, you can easily assemble an exclusive bourbon from the choice of taste to the creation of a label.
We connected sensors, brought together graphs, and created a workflow system on the AWS cloud stack Amplify. We built a distributed high-load bourbon infusion management system.
Roth River app
World School
A language learning project for schools around the world.
Ruby On Rails
Ruby On Rails
We have implemented an innovative associative method of language learning into a technical solution. For teachers, it is convenient to set up reporting using flexible data tables and the Datatables library. Students should study and take exams here. For the sake of honesty, we have implemented tracking of "cheating" actions of examinees. Added auxiliary API services. There are already several thousand students in the system.
Mobile application
Pro team
Thoughtful Online
A platform for webinars, online rallies.
Each participant can occupy a role — from user to administrator. We have implemented an admin panel, combined events into categories, made it possible to hold online events lasting from two days. We used React of the latest versions, used new functional components, got speed and reuse of logic.
On app

Plus the more than 150+ successful projects that we are proud of.

engineers 1
We provide employees with macbooks, large monitors and everything they need to get to work.
We are clear in our expectations to employees to avoid misunderstandings. Therefore the rules of the game are explicit.
We do not have an unnecessary hierarchy, there is a soft mentoring system and individual personal growth plans that are revised regularly.
We do not impose a strict schedule or mandatory attendance; you allocate your time taking into account your tasks on the project and at the company.
Two music players
We welcome all people with diverse interests and hobbies. At ProCoders your colleagues will be musicians, artists, athletes, collectors, brave and unusual people.
At ProCoders, the result is all we care about, work from bed, the beach, or anywhere else you want. We don’t care about the process.


Are you interested in seeing what we have to offer?
Open person
Cool specialist
Striving for development
Passion for technology
Honest relationships
A strong team
Development opportunities
Interesting projects
Openness to experiments
A good salary

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    Drop us a line and get the details. Share your resume or LinkedIn profile and we'll get back to you soon:

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      Let's get acquainted
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