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About us:

ProCoders is a leading IT outsourcing company committed to delivering cutting-edge solutions and exceptional services. With a focus on innovation and client satisfaction, we pride ourselves on providing top-tier engineering teams and dedicated solutions for businesses worldwide. As we continue to expand our global presence, we are seeking a dynamic Sales and Marketing Manager to join our ambitious team.

We are looking for a Sales Hero with exceptional skills in fluent C1 English, voice communication, sophisticated research, and a solid understanding of IT outsourcing and basic technology. The ideal candidate will be ambitious and self-motivated, ready to follow up on new leads, and capable of using Google, ChatGPT, and automation tools for email and LinkedIn. If you are a dynamic professional ready to contribute to our success, become a key player in our journey of innovation and growth!

Our clients and projects:

ProCoders collaborated on scaling up an eHealth platform for the elderly in Sweden, integrating IoT capabilities, health trackers, and advanced data visualization.

ProCoders contributed to tech-driven solutions for property management in Nordic countries, providing tools for landlords to manage properties efficiently.

ProCoders played a crucial role in accelerating the development of a SaaS product, providing a dedicated team for surge staffing and ensuring timely delivery.

Our Stack:

PHP, Laravel, PostgreSQL

Node, Nest, Express

React, Redux, Next, Vue, Angular

React Native, Flutter 

WordPress Development


  • Secure a minimum of 1 new signed contract per month.
  • Market Research:
    • Conduct in-depth market research to identify potential clients and market trends.
    • Analyze competitors and market dynamics to develop effective sales strategies.
  • Sales Strategy and Implementation:
    • Develop and implement personalized sales strategies to achieve monthly sales quotas.
    • Actively follow up on new leads and opportunities, utilizing automation tools for email and LinkedIn.
    • Build and maintain strong relationships with clients, understanding their needs and providing effective solutions.
  • Presentations and Communication:
    • Create compelling presentations to support sales activities and communicate the value of our services.
    • Communicate effectively with clients, addressing inquiries and ensuring customer satisfaction.
  • Record Keeping and CRM Management:
    • Maintain accurate records of all sales activities.
    • Ensure the CRM system (HubSpot) is up-to-date with client information and interactions.
  • Marketing Collaboration:
    • Collaborate with the marketing team to align sales and marketing strategies.
    • Provide insights and feedback to enhance marketing campaigns and lead generation.

We May Not Be a Good Fit If:

  • Your goal is to earn a fixed income of $1000 and settle for a regular salary.
  • Your follow-up emails are boring and average, such as, “John, did you receive my last message?”
  • You only respond to leads during specific hours, lacking the initiative to follow up on new opportunities outside of a set schedule.
  • You have a track record of frequently taking sick leave, asking for extra time off, and other methods of skipping work rather than being dedicated to the job.
  • You lack sales drive and only respond to your leads during working hours from 9a to 5p with a lunch break and time spent watching YouTube.
  • You are someone who knows exactly what to do when you win and loves to talk about it, but you have no plan for handling a loss or setback.
  • Your primary motivation for selling is solely to make a living rather than having a true passion for the work.
  • You have been in sales for three years but have yet to close a deal over $25,000, lacking the ability to negotiate high-value deals.
  • You thrive on drama, gossip, and corporate politics rather than being focused on achieving sales targets and building strong relationships.
  • You expect the company to give you everything without focusing on what you can contribute to the team.
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  • Generate a permanent income of more than $80,000 from attracted clients (is a must).
  • Minimum of 3 years of experience as an IT Sales Manager.
  • Proven track record of successful B2B client interactions, particularly with clients in the US and EU.
  • Fluent C1 English and excellent communication skills.
  • Solid understanding of IT outsourcing and basic technology.
  • Proficient in using Google, ChatGPT, and automation tools for email and LinkedIn.
  • Strong researching and visualization skills, including creating presentations in Google Slides.
  • Ability to attentively monitor lead reports.
  • Ambitious, self-motivated, and results-driven.
  • Ability to thrive in a dynamic and fast-paced environment.
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I believe the company values are the foundation of the culture. Having ProCoders values makes it easier for me to the clearly stated principles about an organization's vision, mission, and communicate principles to clients and colleagues.
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